Why Choose ACM Backed Marble for Your Remodel

ACM backing

ACM backing from StonePly Residential.

Advantages of ACM

When looking for a way to include marble in your home, whether for use as fireplace surrounds, shower walls, bathtub surrounds, steam rooms or countertops, more contractors are turning to the use of aluminum composite materials (ACM) for backing on marble panels to provide beautiful, natural marble without the weight and installation challenges that using natural stone often creates. This blog provides information on how working with aluminum composite materials creates a unique advantage for your home or residential project.

Learning about ACM

ACM is applied to the back of thin panels of natural marble, which changes what is possible for home construction projects. This is a great solution for making over your bathroom, kitchen, and fireplace surround, adding the inherent beauty of marble without many of the challenges that are often associated with adding natural stone.

Lightweight and Durable

Using a thin panel of natural stone greatly reduces the weight. This makes it easier to transport and work with as well as minimizes the load on the structure it is added to, whether that is a wall or countertop. Transporting more with less labor not only reduces the overall cost of a residential project, but you are also helping to reduce emissions and go easy on the environment.

Not only does it compete with traditional natural stone slabs in weight but it goes the distance in terms of strength and durability. The ACM or fiberglass backing used adds strength to these panels. Already tried and tested on many commercial projects around the world, this stunning product is now available for use in your home. Imagine having the same luxurious look as some of the globe’s most well-known hotels, casinos, and restaurants.


There is a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from, which makes it convenient for you to find the perfect match for your interior design and color scheme. Our website offers a full catalogue and a brochure that shows you many of the options that are possible for your home or residential project, including an array of different marble shade and pattern choices.

Ease of Installation

Since these are large, lightweight panels, they are easy and faster to install. In fact, it is faster to install these natural stone panels than tile as no grout is required. The panels can even be installed over most existing substrates, which means no construction or demolition for greater time and cost savings.

Low Maintenance

After installation, you can enjoy this beautiful option with little to no maintenance. It only requires sealing once a year with no grout to clean. The surface only needs to be wiped down with a hand towel and gentle, non-abrasive cleaner to retain its beauty for years to come.

Free Estimates

To get a free estimate or a sample as well as to learn more about StonePly Residential’s innovative stone solution for your home or residential project, contact us at 903-259-6478 or via email at [email protected].  You can also fill out our contact form found here: https://www.stoneply.com/en/contact-us/.

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