Design Do’s and Don’ts for Natural Stone Showers

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Tips for Designing Your Marble or Granite Shower
A natural stone shower is a luxurious addition to your bathroom that adds to the ambiance of your home’s interior and can provide an oasis away from the stress of life. It can also be a smart decision when it comes to return on investment for your home in terms of raising its re-sale value. Before remodeling your bathroom with a natural stone shower, consider these design do’s and don’ts to make sure you get the most out of your project.

Design Do’s for Natural Stone Showers
In terms of design do’s, consider these suggestions for selecting your natural stone shower:

• Do your research by using the Internet to seek out design ideas. There are numerous websites and Pinterest boards dedicated to bathroom design ideas. This research will help show you what is possible so you can consider options beyond what you thought was possible.
• Do select an appropriate surface material for your natural stone shower. First, it is important to select a material that looks great and complements the existing look of your bathroom, including color and cabinetry. The material must also be able to withstand daily use.
• Do pick a material that fits your budget. While it is nice to have an expensive natural stone for your shower, there are many natural stone options that are not as pricey so you can still enjoy the luxurious look without blowing your budget.
• Do go for a design that makes you feel good. Your shower is often the place where you can get away from everything and truly relax after a difficult day. Consider a stone shower that makes you feel good when you look at it. Plus, upgrade the showerheads and even add body sprays or a steam generator so you can truly get the most out of your shower experience.

Design Don’ts for Natural Stone Showers
There are just as many don’ts when it comes to designing your natural stone shower. Consider avoiding these actions:

• Don’t rush designing your natural stone shower. You want to make sure it is truly the right design for your lifestyle and reflects your personal style. Also, if it is part of a bigger bathroom remodeling, it is important to spend time on the planning process so that nothing has to be redone and ends up costing a lot more money.
• Don’t cut corners to save a few pennies. While it is important to stay on budget, you should not compromise on materials because higher quality materials will help your natural stone shower last longer and provide a better return on your investment.
• Don’t buy materials online without seeing them first. Many companies offer natural stone online but the quality, color, and pattern need to be checked first to save time and money. Go with a company that offers samples that can be shipped in advance so you can ensure it will work with your overall design and the quality matches your expectations.

Learn More about Natural Stone Shower Designs
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