Cleaning Tips for Marble Showers

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Tips for cleaning your marble shower.

How to Clean Your Marble Showers
Having a marble shower adds beauty and elegance no matter what color or pattern you select. This stunning natural stone is a great low-maintenance material that will look gorgeous for years to come if you follow just a few cleaning tips that we have provided here.

Things to Know about Marble
Although marble is a durable and strong natural stone, this particular type of authentic stone is actually somewhat soft compared to other materials like granite. It is also a calcium-based stone, which can create some specific issues that must be addressed through proper maintenance. Because it is a softer stone, it can be vulnerable to etching or staining where a particular area of the marble shower is wet.

Cleaning Tips and Regular Maintenance
Here are some tips to follow regularly to maintain your marble shower:

  • Keep the marble shower as dry as possible between uses.
  • Wipe off all soap and water after using the shower each time so that these do not seep into the porous natural stone. A squeegee is a great tool to have to quickly remove water and soap scum after each shower, including some that may have already seeped into the pours of the stone.
  • Get a marble cleaner as this has been designed to specifically work on marble showers and other marble surfaces. They have been created with ingredients that will not strip the finish or harm the marble yet will still remove the dirt and debris. A clean cloth should be used with the marble clean to wipe the surface clean. You do not need to rinse the marble cleaner off because it tends to work as a conditioner for the marble in the shower. You can also use a mild soap if you do not have access to a marble cleaner.
  • Use a poultice to remove any stains that may have developed. You can make your own poultice out of flour or baking soda mixed with water or poultice powder may be purchased at most home improvement stores. This mixture helps to draw out any moisture in the marble, removing the stain.
  • Reseal your marble once a year.

Things Not to Do When Cleaning a Marble Shower
Besides these Do’s when it comes to cleaning a marble shower, there are also some things that you should avoid doing:

  • While a mild soap is okay to use to clean a marble shower, you do not want to use any type of generic cleaning product on the marble. Many of these have harsh chemicals that can damage the sealant and the marble. Instead of saving money on the cleaners, you may end up with a bigger expense in terms of having to get the marble shower restored or even replaced.
  • Don’t use anything to clean the marble shower that may have lemon, orange, vinegar or ammonia in them as acidic ingredients will damage the marble.
  • Avoid using scouring pads or cleaners as these may scratch your marble surfaces.

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