Benefits of Fiberglass Backing for Granite Panels

StonePly Residential granite panel.

StonePly Residential granite panels feature a fiberglass backing for added strength and durability.

Fiberglass Backing Benefits
Our innovative thin granite panels for shower and tub surrounds as well as for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and trim offer a lightweight, highly durable solution for enjoying this stunning natural stone while benefitting from easy transport, cutting, and installation as well as other advantages that make it an ideal option for remodels and new construction projects.

Up to 80% lighter in weight than traditional slab granite, our innovative design allows you to enjoy real stone for your bathroom or kitchen at a fraction of the weight. That means it is easier to work with in terms of transporting, cutting and installation.

Even more beneficial is the fact that, just because it weighs less and uses a thin sheet of natural stone, it does not compromise on strength or durability. The fiberglass backing bolsters that strength along with an incredible adhesive that bonds the natural stone to the fiberglass, adding strength that can compete with traditional granite slabs that are so much thicker.

Easy Installation
With the lighter weight, you can also enjoy easy installation. The large but thin natural granite panels can be added quickly to a bathroom or kitchen. In fact, these granite panels are faster to install than tile because they do not require grout application. For an added benefit, we also offer shower kits that come in traditional sizes for even easier installation.

No Construction
There is no construction needed when you use these granite panels. That’s because these panels can be installed directly over the existing substrate, including tile or green board. This cuts out both demolition and construction labor and the costs that go with both.

With shower kits, plus a wide array of granite panels, you can cut further time off your project. In addition, if you need to cut these panels, you can do so on-site with just ordinary tools.

We offer a varied selection of colors and patterns for these granite panels with fiberglass backing. This allows you to coordinate with your bathroom or kitchen design. If you don’t see a granite choice you like on our site, give us a call. We have access to quarries all over the world and are sure to be able to find the perfect granite for your project.

Great Value
You may think that these granite panels are too expensive, but all and all the cost is significantly less than you’d think, and well worth it. Plus, you save on transport and labor costs, creating further value. And, because the natural stone granite panels are easy to clean and maintain, resisting mold and mildew as well as chips and scratches, they last longer so there is not the cost of replacement in the future.

Proven Reputation and Exceptional Service
Now available for residential projects, these granite panels have already been proven to work well and last on numerous commercial projects around the globe, including in some of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, casinos and retail shops.

In addition to all these benefits, you get the advantage of working with a team that is known for its exceptional service, including excellent customer care.

Order Your Granite Now!
To get a free estimate for your new granite shower or bathtub surround or countertop, you can reach the StonePly Residential team at 903-259-6478 or via email at [email protected]. You can also opt to fill in our contact form:

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