Your Shower Remodel: The Advantages of Granite vs. Cultured Granite


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StonePly Residential makes it easy to use real quarried marble in your bathroom shower.

Natural Granite vs. Cultured Granite
When remodeling your shower, you may be struggling to decide between going with natural granite or using cultured granite because you heard it could save you some money but offer a similar look. This article provides you with information on both types of shower materials, including the benefits of each type as well as how StonePly Residential’s granite shower kits combine the best of both types of materials.

Natural Granite
Natural granite comes from quarries and is made from mica, feldspar, silica and quartz. It is an igneous rock that comes from volcanic material that has cooled, producing a wide selection of colors, patterns, and speckle. No two pieces of granite are alike, which creates a unique look for your bathroom shower. Its beauty is difficult to replicate even with today’s technology.

Being a natural product formed of the earth, granite is strong and highly durable. Granite’s beauty can be expected to last for generations because it stands up to all kinds of elements. This also helps granite add to a home’s equity.

Granite tends to be an expensive material to use because a specific color or pattern may be rare. What makes it costly though is the installation. It is thick and heavy and requires special equipment to cut and shape the pieces to fit your bathroom.

Cultured Granite
As an alternative to natural granite, cultured Granite is a man-made material that combines polyester resin, a catalyst, fillers and pigments. It is mixed up and put in molds that have been coated with clear gel, which gives the cultured granite a tough and durable surface. It can be produced in a wide range of colors.

This man-made material is durable, resisting chips, dents, abrasions, mildew, water and stains under normal use and with proper maintenance. It costs less than quarried granite and offers a seamless look. Cultured granite is fairly easy to clean and maintain.

While cultured granite may achieve a look similar to that of real granite, it doesn’t add to a home’s value like the addition of natural quarried stone.

Granite Shower Kits and Custom Granite Showers
Our shower kits and custom granite showers provide an excellent alternative to cultured granite by making natural granite simpler to work with. The StonePly Residential solution uses a thin sheet of natural granite and applies a lightweight but highly durable and flexible material to this sheet. It looks like natural granite because it is natural granite but since it is not as thick, the StonePly material is easier to cut, shape, handle, transport and install. This gives you natural granite for your shower but at a much lower price.

Other advantages include a seamless look with no grout lines, easy maintenance, and long-lasting beauty. Plus, you can enjoy the same low maintenance as cultured granite without concern that the material will become vulnerable to water.

You can enjoy one of StonePly’s granite shower kits that are great for standard size shower spaces. Or, if you are looking to create a more expansive shower for your master bath and have special measurements, we can create a custom granite shower for you.

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