Your Shower Remodel: The Advantages of Marble vs. Cultured Marble

Marble shower walls

Marble showers from StonePly Residential are beautiful and superior in every way.

Real Marble vs. Cultured Marble
When you decide to remodel your shower, there are many options to choose from when it comes to the materials to use. While you may think marble is beautiful, you might also believe it is too expensive and rule out it for cultured marble. However, there are differences to consider and you may be surprised by the misconception that marble is too expensive.

Marble is a natural stone that is classified as a metamorphic rock. This means that it has changed from one type of rock to another after being exposed to heat and/or pressure. In the case of marble, it started out as limestone that was then changed through a recrystallization process from this heat and pressure.

It is known for its natural beauty with unique veining that is hard to replicate; no two pieces of marble are exactly the same. Marble is often highly prized because of its aesthetic beauty. When used in a home, marble may help to improve the value of the property.

Marble may stain easily if it is not sealed properly when it is installed. It does need to be wiped down as water spots tend to form if left with standing water.

Marble can be difficult and expensive to repair if it chips or cracks, but with proper care and its overall durability, this rarely happens.

Cultured Marble
Cultured marble is a manufactured product made of acrylics, resins, pigments and marble dust. This man-made product can be molded or formed into any shape. It also can be created to look very much like real marble in small samples, but it often has veining that looks too perfect and uniform and some colors of cultured marble tend to look like plastic. When used in showers and baths, the cultured marble undergoes a process that lines it with a gel coating to protect it from water.

Like marble, it offers a seamless construction so that you do not have to look at grout lines like tile. This reduces the cleaning and maintenance involved. The cultured marble is typically less expensive than marble because it does not have to be quarried, transported, and cut.

Cultured marble does not have to be resealed because it is not porous. This means it can resist staining and just needs a shower cleaner to maintain it. Overall, it is durable and not likely to break or chip. However, it is vulnerable to scratching so care needs to be taken with cleaning and regular use.

Our Marble Shower Kits and Custom Marble Showers
If you prefer marble for its higher level of beauty but are looking for something affordable and low maintenance, we have the solution. Our marble shower kits and custom marble products can provide what you are looking for.

Our solution uses natural marble that has been cut into a thin sheet and adhered to a high-strength backing material. The reduction in weight is significant, helping to save you money on the cost of transportation and installation. The high-strength backing also offers durability that goes over and beyond what is usually expected with quarried stone. We even offer marble shower kits that fit standard size shower areas. Or, if you need a custom size, our marble products easily install directly over the old shower walls.

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