Building the Perfect Shower: Granite vs. Tile

Granite corner shower.

This neo-angle shower features beautiful Baltic Brown granite.

Choosing between Granite and Tile for Your Shower Project
When you are looking to create that incredible shower for your bathroom, one of your main decisions is what type of material to use. Should you go with tile or granite? To help you decide, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of materials.

Tile Showers
Let’s start with tile showers. The first assumption is that a tile shower will be cheaper to install. While many types of tile are definitely low cost, there are ceramic tile choices that can actually be more expensive than granite.

Tile typically has grout lines, which must be sealed regularly as well as cleaned or it will stain. Depending on where you live, hard water may also stain the tiles or lead to calcium build-up. This can make them difficult to clean. Eventually, these tiles would have to be replaced.

Tile is also vulnerable to damage, including chips and cracks. Tiles may show scratches, depending on the color and type of tile used. While tiles are fairly easy to replace, this can still be a hassle and lead to more expense.

Granite Showers
Then there is granite, which is known for its natural beauty and incredible aesthetic. While there are natural variations in granite, the color will never change. Keeping its vibrant color provides you with more enjoyment and less concern about replacement in a few years like tile.

Granite is also more durable than tile. It will not scratch or chip with normal use. It is also heat resistant. Because of its durability, granite is fairly easy to maintain with little to no effort needed to keep it clean. To ensure this beauty, however, granite should still be sealed after installation.

Granite can be heavy, especially when installed as a slab. This can put significant weight load on your walls when used in a shower. Often, granite is presumed to be out of the price range of many homeowners, but this material is not necessarily as expensive as you may think. In fact, our granite products for showers cost about the same as a tile or synthetic materials.

Our Granite Shower Kits and Custom Granite Showers
Our granite products use natural stone that has been cut into a thin strip. A high strength backing is then added to this natural stone. This gives you the look of granite without the weight. In fact, it only weights three pounds per square foot.

That reduction in weight helps to decrease the price of transportation and installation. Our natural stone for showers is so easy to work with that it can be installed directly over the old tile shower you are thinking about replacing. That means no demolition mess or expense.

However, when it comes to holding up and providing long-lasting beauty in your shower, our natural stone for showers is no lightweight. Lab tested, our material has been proven to last, offering exceptional value.

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