Guide to Building the Perfect Shower

Marble and granite shower surrounds

Marble and granite can help create a beautiful, comfortable shower.

Choosing the Right Materials for your Dream Shower
Whether you are remodeling your master bathroom, constructing a new home, or adding a bathroom to your house, you want to build a shower that is both relaxing and beautiful. There are so many options today that make showers into a mini oasis with numerous jets and luxurious surrounds. Here are some tips on building the perfect shower, using StonePly Residential’s stunning and innovative shower surrounds to create easy elegance.

Things to Consider before Remodeling Your Shower
When you are thinking of remodeling or installing a shower for any bathroom in your home, you want to consider a few factors first:

• Your shower size. Your height and amount of space you want for cleansing and relaxing are important in determining the size of your shower. Some homeowners like the idea of an enlarged shower that has room for a seat or fits more than one person. There are shower inserts in specific sizes or you may need to create a custom shower size based on your needs and space.
• Your budget. Budget is very important in building your perfect shower. With some materials priced higher than others, you must consider which materials you prefer and which you can afford.
• Personal style. Have you looked online or in design magazines at shower designs to help you decide what color and pattern you would like, as well as what type of materials you would like to use to match the rest of the bathroom décor,?
• Fixtures. What type of fixtures do you want for your shower? For example, there are all types of jets, sprays, and rainwater inserts to add to creating the perfect shower.
• Door or curtain. What kind of shower door, if any, do you want for your shower? Or, would you prefer the option to decorate with a shower curtain.

Our Luxurious Shower Products
At StonePly Residential, our natural stone products are second to none when it comes to quality and beauty. Our natural granite and marble panels and accessories are the perfect addition for any shower, adding luxury, style and charm. Aside from their good looks, StonePly Residential panels are easy to install and boast superior strength to tile and synthetic stone. Also, natural stone adds value to your home.

Refreshing Benefits of StonePly Residential’s Shower Options
Besides the value-added cost, there are many other benefits to our granite and marble shower kits and custom stone showers:

• Our shower inserts are made of a thin strip of natural stone that is adhered to a high strength backing so you have the beautiful look of granite or marble but in a lightweight product, weighing only three pounds per square foot!
• It is easy to install and can even install right on top of the old tile in your existing shower!
• The lightweight product helps to minimize labor costs and lowers emissions because it takes less space and added weight in the truck to transport compared to boxes of tiles or a slab stone.
• There are no grout lines to clean and the surface of the granite is easy to maintain, lasting for many years to come.

Order Your Shower Now!
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