Guide to Choosing the right Marble or Granite Color for your Home

Natural stone color options.

StonePly Residential offers an array of color choices in both granite and marble.

Natural Stone Characteristics: Color
Nature has created some extraordinary materials like natural stone, including granite, limestone, and marble, which can be used in our homes to add beauty and elegance to everything from kitchens and bathrooms to flooring and walls. Because it comes from nature, it has the durability to keep your home looking great for years to come.
One beautiful thing about natural stone is that Mother Nature offers us an array of color choices.

How to Select a Color for Your Natural Stone Materials
When you are trying to decide what color of natural stone will look best for your bathroom, kitchen, floor or other home remodeling project, here are some things to consider:
• For what application will you be using the natural stone? Lighter colors are best for flooring, as they will not show dirt as easily, while dark colored countertops contrast beautifully against lightly painted cabinets.
• How much natural light does the area get? In an area that has a lot of light, you can use a dark color. Without much natural light, the dark color of the natural stone will only make the area darker.
• What is the color scheme of the room? Choose a marble or granite that features colors that work well in your room. Neutral colors are great with most color palettes, while green, gold and blue hues are perfect for use in rooms with these color accents.
• What is your budget? Some colors found in the natural stone are rarer than others, so these will be more expensive. Make sure you have some alternates if the color choice you are thinking of puts you way off course with your budget.

A Wide Array of Color
StonePly Residential offers a wide color palette for you to choose from with something that is sure to match what you are seeking for your shower, countertops, flooring or wall surrounds. For example, we have everything from white and cream to blue, gray, and green to brown and even dramatic black.

StonePly Residential versus Natural Stone Slabs
Remember that StonePly Residential offers a fabricated stone panel system that has been made by laminating a natural stone layer to a high strength backing by using aviation epoxies.

The result is thin, light, strong and easy to install natural granite or marble. Your contractor can easily install StonePly Residential panels in limited time while still providing you with the luxury, quality, and timeless beauty of natural slab stone. You will still have the same color and pattern choices while enjoying a project that offers less maintenance and is more durable when exposed to water and changing temperatures. Even better is that you know you will be working with an environmentally-friendly product for your home.

Estimates and Samples Available!
If you are still not sure if a color of natural stone suits your project, we do offer samples that you can use on-site to get a better idea about your color selection. You can contact us at 903-259-6478 or via email at [email protected]. To get more information or an estimate, we also have a contact form:

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