Natural Stone Characteristics: Patterns

Stone panel colors

StonePly Residential offers an array of different stone patterns.

Patterns in Granite and Marble

Not only is natural stone beautiful, durable, and unique, it is also versatile. Various natural stones are exposed to different temperatures and pressures within the earth, creating an array of patterns. What this means for you is that, when designing a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room for your home, with StonePly Residential you have a wide range of patterns to choose from.

How to Select Natural Stone for a Project

When you are selecting a particular natural stone pattern for a project, there are a few things to consider besides which color and pattern you prefer. Think about:

  • How will it flow with your decor? Do you want a countertop that has a simple pattern or something more complex? How will the natural veining or markings look with your existing design scheme?
  • What is your budget? Some natural stone patterns are rarer than others, which contributes to a large range in cost.
  • Do you prefer the look of granite or marble? Most granites feature a condensed pattern of colors with a speckled design, while marble is characteristically smoother with swirling veining throughout. The choice is left to your personal preference.

Available Natural Stone Patterns

A pattern is formed in natural marble that often is described as waves or veins. This pattern is then enhanced by a wide range of colors. The result is that some natural marble patterns have very little veining while others are covered in this effect. This veining in marble makes it great for use as fireplace surrounds, shower walls, or countertops, adding a contrasting, elegant look wherever it is applied.

Still other stones, such as granite, have patterns that appear as flecks or speckles of varying color. These flecks of color are made up of different mineral deposits in the stone. These minerals have been compressed together over millions of years and form the circles of various colors, including shimmering quartz and mica, that make up the pattern in natural granite.

On our website, you can see many of these natural stone patterns, offering a choice for every type of residential project. The best part of having so many natural stone designs in our catalogue is that you can discover the infinite possibilities for your residential construction or remodeling project. With multiple choices, you may choose to use two or more different stones for a versatile, dramatic look.

Free Estimates and Samples are Available!

It helps to work with a sample to make sure the pattern of natural stone that you have selected really does work with the other interior design elements, so we are happy to provide you with a sample as well as a free estimate for your residential natural stone project. You can contact us at 903-259-6478 or via email at [email protected].  We also have a contact form:

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