Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shower Style


Guide to Different Shower Styles
When it comes to redoing your bathroom or designing it as part of new construction, deciding on a shower style is an important decision. This guide presents the various types of shower styles, including neo angle showers, walk in showers, corner showers, open showers and tub and shower combos, to help you determine which one is right for you.

Neo-Angle Showers
A neo-angle shower enclosure is positioned in the corner of a room. The showerhead is on the wall while the rest of the shower is enclosed with glass panels. The center panel is usually where the door is located while the two side panels attach to the wall at a 45-degree angle. These are used in bathrooms where space is limited. It is also considered a walk-in shower style so these are good for anyone with mobility problems. A seat can be fitted in a neo-angle shower as well. This type of shower tends to fit into a home that has a contemporary style. It can be fitted with frosted or clear glass panels and natural granite or marble shower walls can add beauty to this style shower.

Walk-in Showers
Besides neo-angle showers, there are other types of walk-in showers. This is a general term for many designs where it is not necessary to step up or step over like you would do with a shower/tub combo. There are some basic styles for walk-in showers, including those that have a single glass pane opposite the wall, one where the shower is actually a separate room, or one placed at the end of the room with just a glass block wall as a divider.

Corner Showers
Corner showers are made to fit any corner in a bathroom and tend to be triangular shaped. This is often the shower design of choice for small bathrooms and help to maximize what little space is available. As a design choice, corner showers tend to be more functional than aesthetically pleasing, but there are still ways to make them look nice, including using natural stone like granite or marble.

Open Showers
Open showers are exactly as they sound – open with no doors or shower curtains. This shower design style is a great way to create an open feel in your bathroom and make the most of any views you might have from your bathroom. This style tends to emulate those found in a spa or luxury hotel. However, some people may not like the vulnerability and lack of privacy that this shower design creates.

Bathtub and Shower Combos
The most commonly found shower design is the bathtub/shower combo, especially in secondary bathrooms in a home. This particular style is often used again for those bathrooms that do not have space for a separate bathtub and shower. If family members are divided on what type of method they prefer, having a combination makes everyone happy. It is also a way to attract certain buyers, including those with small children, to your home when and if you plan on selling it.

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